Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ailihen M10" Earphones We love music too.

Is it truly the best headphones for the price?

I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to dropping money on earphones that I can rely on. They go to possess the strength and durability to survive for a long time.  These M10 is a great set to own
These are the things that make it easy to recommend.
The audio performance has a powerful sound. They make a crisp, clear sound with a perfect bass.
These are certainly are up to the job. They're constructed well and  easy to operate with one customized button and the transmission line comes with a fabric trim, to protect the cable from tear and wear.
Featured specs that will clear you appreciate this model

  1. Inline remote with a built in microphone and button.
  2. Jack answered and close button
  3. You can answer incoming calls and phone calls.
  4. Play, pause or skip media.
  5. The only thing I wish it was added is a built volume button as well.

It comes with an in  box set outer packing box perfectly box together.
The box includes a label holder to identify contents:
Shirt clip
Ear tips 3 pairs
User manual
Warranty card 1
Earphone case 1

I received these for about a week and I'm happy with the this pair.

Plus, I got a 20% off my next headphone order. Check them out here

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hauser & Wirth :Neon Lights By Rhodes

This art exhibition took me into a journey of materialistic chaos colliding on with culture and capitalism taking border towns. 

A great deal of chaos and disorganized clutter, but the beautiful lights,showy ornaments, and piles of everyday objects that make up his installations are all purposefully placed and each has their own individual role within the whole.

The artist Rhoades included nearly identical objects from the two different cities to show the lack of ethnic significance of these material goods and the increase in production of such meaningless objects for foreign consumption. He explored two decades that have been carefully selected to summarize the artist’s interests and the subjects that preoccupied his practice: sex, politics, religion, art, race and gender.

I'm pretty sure I was a pile of  trash in my past life...

Like a moth attracted to the pretty lights!

Thanks to my friend Maki for inviting to this exhibition it was fun and interesting.  I know I haven't put up anything in a real long time and I also haven't been out of the house lately I constantly feel like I'm running out of time.  I' am glad I went out and I'm excited to start blogging again!!!

 Wishing you all a beautiful, peaceful day!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Style 2020 Academy Get School in Style.

Last Friday I came back from a day of meeting with the stylist darlings at style 2020 Academy. I carry on to derive a majority of my style inspiration from other creatively talented women. As you can discover their style is classic and stunning. I encourage you to travel to their Academy.

Left to Right: Vice President Lisa Marmorino & CEO Kathryn Moore

Some flowers for you Friday!

Given these points from our group discussion is always important to dress according to your body figure. As well as ethical self is very wonderful to understand the style that fits you. By the same token accessorizing in a different manner will help sport a fresh look, like a lovely glim hat and sweet shades will replete your outfit.

Dena Burton 
Los Angeles Based Designer. 

I enjoyed her collection of heavy puff fur coats for spring transitional weather. I can wear them with some simple wedge heels to some number of event parties or to a dinner date. 

The collection gives you transitional options, bringing some pearly white and nude colors that matches this spring season.
My favorite piece from her collection is the classic nude jumpsuit! It's essential to keep this in spring style!

Happy Spring!!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Dash Full Moon Bazaar! Festival Kick off Party!

l'l be packing in a trip to Indio for  the weekend-long music and style! Pool parties, festivities at Coachella. Three days in the desert mean a heavy wand of time in the sun and on my feet, so I'm looking for walk able footwear, and sweet shades to get me through the days ahead in comfort and style. It's a theme of a balancing act, but I'm embracing the challenge with some favorite Spring trends and tried-and-true festival essentials.
 I had the pleasure of attending Dash Full Moon Bazaar Festival Kick off Party.... last Sunday. Here's some cool brands that came  to the event , click on for Coachella-ready looks.






    Flamingos!!!Sky bar At the Mondrian Hotel!!

      Dash! Photo-booth :)))

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Artshow & Some Fashion!

I've been always a fan of navy and class stripes. Subsequently all, navy is a neutral and stripes are a print that is ideal for casual wear, but formal wear in the spring and summer, complement.

When spring starts to show its warmth and the lasting dare to expose the beauty we’ve patiently waited to see after a long winter, my attention turns to many things, but my wardrobe always gets my attention as well. How can I shape things up? What more do I need? How has my style developed?

Arriving to this art show made realize how Art produces ugly things which  frequently becomes more beautiful with in time. Fashion in the other hand, produces beautiful things which within time will turn ugly! 
Art is something to be so tragic and beautiful… and distorted, yet majestic, even the way I observe, analyzed, and appreciate art is emotional for me. 

Wearing Zara Blazer.

Old Navy Shirt.

Art District Art show. #DTLA

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Good- bye 2015! Hello 2016!

Good- bye 2015! My wardrobe choices were mainly a combination of a leather jacket and ripped jeans.  This was chiefly what I kept eyeing for. It's a bit rocky, but still feminine it all depends how you prefer to accessorize the entire feel. I just felt that I couldn't go wrong with it and if it were up to me, I'll be wearing denim and my leather jacket all day every day. The maddest thing is that I'd have been wearing this look since High School and that was more than a decade ago. lol
Well let's find out what the new year will bring, I hope I can make more with color.

Shot by@artdisole

Shot by@artdisole
Shot by@artdisole

I also went blonde and played with punky hair colors. 


Lets take a look of some other looks.

 Shot by@reighrome

 Shot by@mgarsteck

                Also a lot  of different hats and accessories.
Shot by@mgarsteck

shot @almostcool_

 Happy New Year! Lets go crazy .. Prince

New Years resolution stay simple and stylish. Cheers!

Special thanks to all my photographers. Photo Credits

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