Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rewind Jewelry

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a clock looks like? 
Now you can see it and wear it as piece of jewelry.  
These are lovely pieces by Carlos Montanaro.

You could see all the little mechanics and structured  parts inside the clock that are  linning up in a perfectly  ornamented place of congruency.  They are beautiful and timeless pieces from the 1800's to 1900's. Watches with missing pieces are turned into necklaces, rings and bracelets.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Mad Women Inspiration.

Even though it’s been a while since my last post featuring Mad Men, the wait is definitely worth it. I feel like the show is worthwhile. Over the last two weeks I have been putting together my very own Mad Men Beautification. I decided to re-style my look and emulate two of my major fashion crushes.

Megan and Betty!
Lets take a look into my vintage fashion Mad Men Inspiration.
This dress bears the closest resemblance to a dress Betty would wear.

                         She has that Coldness in her eyes! Betty is a sad character.

This full skirt dress with a fitted top-belt is vintage inspired from the 50’s house wife and has a classic feminity and maternal feel to it.

Betty Draper is a version of Kelly Grace.
 Get the Betty Draper Look!
1: Short Hair, slightly curled
2.  Makeup, red lips or smokey eyes for the evening
4. Hourglass shaped dress or full skirt with a fitted top-belt
6. Accessorize with matching pieces (common in the 50's)
7. Wear simple jewelry or pearl necklaces

Her dresses are always gorgeous and princess-pretty accessories: delicate little bracelets, pearl necklaces, gloves, headbands, bags and sunglasses.

Betty Draper

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Megan dresses a lot differently than the other characters. She’s hip and keeps her older husband into what’s new, like the Beatles. They have a stunning, more modern 60′s dwelling.

Megan has embraced the mid to late 60’s full speed ahead, more fashion forward than the other Mad Men ladies. The bold colors, the psychedelic prints, the graphic stripes and the slinky blacks.

This dress is the type of dress Megan would wear.

This color block white and black dress is fun with a 60’s Mod vibe.

Megan Draper

Monday, June 4, 2012

MTV Movie Awards Redcarpet 2012.

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards. 

My pick for Best Dressed.

Well, we saw tons of outfits that were fancy on Sunday's Red Carpet Event and some that we're very simple and casual. 

When it comes to Red Carpet Events, I like to be dazzled with couture pieces.  The MTV Music Awards is one of the events were celebs more commonly hit the Red Carpet in jeans and t-shirts.  I just don't get it.

This show is unlike any other event.  The winners are determined by the fans. I think it's time to take it to the next level with a shock factor with fully styled gowns and tuxedos. 

Here is my pick for Best Dressed. 

Charlize Theron Selected a Vivid red strapless dress By Lanvin for the event.

The design featured a ruffled peplum and skirt.
 Peplum it's in style and here to stay. My fav dress by far and the color is timeless and vibrant. Jimmy Choo metallic sandals and a Lanvin hard case clutch. She chose jewelry by Cartier.

Roe selected David Meister's purple metallic knit asymmetrical off the shoulder evening gown.

Her hair and makeup looks flawless!
I love her cascading curls. What do you think of it? this violet creation by David Meister. Accessorizing with a bronze wrist cuff and a sparkling cocktail ring courtesy of Lia Sophi
Classy Goddess Beauty. In my opinion she WINS Best accessorizing.

Channing Tatum's wife Jenna Dewan.
Looked summery chic in a plunging mint green and white Lublu cocktail dress. 
Sergio Rossi heels.

This outfit works, it's fresh, light and sexy. She looks amazing!

Since a lot of the outfits were under dressed i think creative accessorizationcan save a dull  outfit from hopelessness and elevate a good outfit to greatness.  Yes, accessories MAKE an outfit.

This outfit has potential but lacks in accessorizing and styling. I find her hair boring!
It bothers me.

Shailene Woodley.

These looks are too casual for the Red Carpet.

Leighton Meester  

ZZ Ward

Who's Your Pick for Best Dressed?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Billboard Music Awards 2012

Carrie Underwood’s Cinderella-like gown by Oscar De La Renta. Ah perfect... I love this dress so much!

Katy Perry in Bluemarine Fall 2012.  

Katy looks lovely in lilac, she wore a gown with an open back. Her iced-out metallic lilac drop-waist gown features a bodice covered with iridescent sequins before cascading down to a lightly embellished chiffon skirt.

The purple curly locks look good. Her lipstick, unfortunately, just doesn’t work with such a beautiful soft dress... too heavy for Spring. 

Brandy in mauve-colored fringe mini dress from Herve Leger by Max Azria.

Brandy debuted with a new hair look and it's her best look by far. She wins best styling in my opinion. Brandy’s frock features fringe detailing, a plunging V-neckline and a scoop back. The dress also features metallic elements, which brandy matched perfectly with her Christian Louboutin gold peep toe slingbacks. The six inch snakeskin stamped leather slingbacks have a double platform and rose gold-tone studded bow detail at the toe.

               Christian Louboutin gold peep toe sling backs.

Monday, May 7, 2012

MET GALA 2012 Fashion most Glamourous night. My pick for best dressed.

"Sexy futuristic, ultra- see through lace and shiny sequence gowns on the red carpet." It's not surprise that January Jones, Beyonce, Karolina Kurkova were shinning examples of style on the Met Gala's Red carpet event this evening. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mad Women Fashion.

Mad Men brings back vintage/retro-chic. 

60's is one of my favorite fashion eras and this is one of the main reason why I like to watch this show. I think the way this era is being represented is  brilliantly done and the wardrobe choices are well put together. The mad men women styles evolve as their characters and the time setting. 

When I started watching the show I was more of a fan of Betty's classic style a reminiscent of Grace Kelly, Mad Men's costume designer Janine Bryant has described her as "a character who is trying to create the perfect facade"

Designer Janine Bryant said that Betty's style has evolved.  She use to wear a lot of cardigans and full skirts.  But as she became more independent she began wearing body conscious shift dresses, sleeveless shirts and shows more cleavage. Betty is definitely more Jackie O than Kelly Grace by spotting a neutral colour palette and pearl necklaces. 
In Season 5 Betty is now depressed and has gained a ton of weight, so it's interesting how her sense of style is lacking. 

As of right now Megan is my Fashion icon, she wears mini dresses and bold prints. 
Megan wears figure-hugging mini dresses, zigzag a la Missoni long cardigans and low-cut polka-dot blouses.  The epitome of more daring and expressive fashion trends of mid 60's, which I Iove

She's a go getter, she reminds me of a preppy schoolgirl.  We see her in a lot of plaid and a lot of pleated skirts.  Now that she’s really becoming important at  the office, her wardrobes have matured little by little with every season. 


Joan is the seductive secretary.  She loves the hourglass silhouette and she’ll maintain that style.  According to Designer Janine Bryan "Joan is a little bit Sophia Loren, a little bit Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe too! They were sex icons.”

She wears a lot of body conscious dresses, also pencil skirts and blouses. They’re good basics that you could mix and match and women wear that same classic style today.  I think now she's wearing more outfits that are less serious. It's not about getting men to respond to her physique like it  was in the earlier season.

This season has motivated me to put together some outfits inspired by the Mad Women characters from the show. Stay Tuned..

Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm officially a Maxxinista!

This Spring season it's all about tangerine and prints.

I bought this dress at TJ Maxx.
The color and print is so beautiful that I really don't have to worry about accessories. But to keep it fun and exiting, I'm adding simple touches of blue with earrings and a belt... va va voom.

Shopping at TJ's is so easy! You will find a rainbow of designer labels at discounted prices and who doesn't like finding something good at a discounted price?

One of my best purchases. I thank the retail Gods for TJ Maxx.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My take on Eyelash extensions.

I decided to give eyelash extensions a shot. I wanted to have dramatic dark long lashes and I also like the idea of not having to wear mascara or anything extra to curl my lashes. During eyelash extensions, individual lashes are glued to your own individual lashes, which is why the process takes so long. I think it's best to have a very experienced and licensed professional to apply them as it's a very tedious process.
The results are immediate and dramatic. My eyelashes were long and gorgeous just like I wanted them. My eyelash extensions have lasted for about four weeks and I did go for a touchup on my second week and it cost me $10. I went to Bombay eyebrow threading bar in downtown and they cost me $30.

The extensions are heavy and when they fall out they pull one or two of your own lashes with them. Also my eyes did get irritated and red the first two weeks but it went away.
Eyelash extensions are not for everyday wear. It's something that I recommend for special occasions. They are time consuming and costly. But yes I do Iove having them!
Again for a one time event I would say, go for it.

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