My Mad Women Inspiration.

Even though it’s been a while since my last post featuring Mad Men, the wait is definitely worth it. I feel like the show is worthwhile. Over the last two weeks I have been putting together my very own Mad Men Beautification. I decided to re-style my look and emulate two of my major fashion crushes.

Megan and Betty!
Lets take a look into my vintage fashion Mad Men Inspiration.
This dress bears the closest resemblance to a dress Betty would wear.

                         She has that Coldness in her eyes! Betty is a sad character.

This full skirt dress with a fitted top-belt is vintage inspired from the 50’s house wife and has a classic feminity and maternal feel to it.

Betty Draper is a version of Kelly Grace.
 Get the Betty Draper Look!
1: Short Hair, slightly curled
2.  Makeup, red lips or smokey eyes for the evening
4. Hourglass shaped dress or full skirt with a fitted top-belt
6. Accessorize with matching pieces (common in the 50's)
7. Wear simple jewelry or pearl necklaces

Her dresses are always gorgeous and princess-pretty accessories: delicate little bracelets, pearl necklaces, gloves, headbands, bags and sunglasses.

Betty Draper

$90 -
$729 -
£295 -
£9 -
€16 -
$15 -
$110 -
£4 -
$80 -

Megan dresses a lot differently than the other characters. She’s hip and keeps her older husband into what’s new, like the Beatles. They have a stunning, more modern 60′s dwelling.

Megan has embraced the mid to late 60’s full speed ahead, more fashion forward than the other Mad Men ladies. The bold colors, the psychedelic prints, the graphic stripes and the slinky blacks.

This dress is the type of dress Megan would wear.

This color block white and black dress is fun with a 60’s Mod vibe.

Megan Draper

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