Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm officially a Maxxinista!

This Spring season it's all about tangerine and prints.

I bought this dress at TJ Maxx.
The color and print is so beautiful that I really don't have to worry about accessories. But to keep it fun and exiting, I'm adding simple touches of blue with earrings and a belt... va va voom.

Shopping at TJ's is so easy! You will find a rainbow of designer labels at discounted prices and who doesn't like finding something good at a discounted price?

One of my best purchases. I thank the retail Gods for TJ Maxx.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My take on Eyelash extensions.

I decided to give eyelash extensions a shot. I wanted to have dramatic dark long lashes and I also like the idea of not having to wear mascara or anything extra to curl my lashes. During eyelash extensions, individual lashes are glued to your own individual lashes, which is why the process takes so long. I think it's best to have a very experienced and licensed professional to apply them as it's a very tedious process.
The results are immediate and dramatic. My eyelashes were long and gorgeous just like I wanted them. My eyelash extensions have lasted for about four weeks and I did go for a touchup on my second week and it cost me $10. I went to Bombay eyebrow threading bar in downtown and they cost me $30.

The extensions are heavy and when they fall out they pull one or two of your own lashes with them. Also my eyes did get irritated and red the first two weeks but it went away.
Eyelash extensions are not for everyday wear. It's something that I recommend for special occasions. They are time consuming and costly. But yes I do Iove having them!
Again for a one time event I would say, go for it.

Monday, April 16, 2012

This week in Vintage.

Don't speak video dress.

I miss twisting my rubber bracelets :( Nostalgic! When this video came out I was in middle school. Early 90's No Doubt music video.

I found this dress at a vintage store that I use to go and it was love at first sight. This classic retro dress is made of  tiny polka dot fabric, an A-skirt flare out in the bottom hem and elastic waist band. Knee length blue dresses with patterns like this always remind me of Gwen Stefani in the Don't speak video. I am a major polka dot fan, so of course I love this dress. It's a simple cut shape and print with the fun addition of the buttons along the neckline. This classic retro dress is made of cotton fabric. Gwen Stefani is the inspiration for this dress... I think I'm having second thoughts about selling it. :)

Chic Polka Dot Dress print.

This is one of my favorite dresses.  A vintage inspired polka dot dress, slim cut with feminine drape neck and spaghetti-straps. Styled in fine midnight blue silk. I get lots of compliments from people and they always comment on how good I look and of course they want to know where I bought it. 
This dress is extremely figure flattering, the way it's cut creates a tall slender silhouette. It's elegant and trendy alike and I feel great in it. The material is just pleasant. Double layered with opaque underneath. I wear it with a pair of vintage dark blue shoes. I will be selling this dress at a vintage sale this Saturday.

Style Stems from 1940 -1970.

Taupe gold, black and beige wool skirt wide pleated mid length school girl full cut.
This is how I wore it


         Vintage purple blouse. 

I'm going to be selling this blouse this Saturday at the vintage sale that I'm having. It's in good condition and the size is a small and this is how I wore it.  

50's pencil skirt and vintage dark blue shoes.


I'm wearing a cotton leopard print dress and it's perfect for spring. The slim fitting dress has a pleated waist-seam. I'm also wearing 5-inch black rope-covered wedge heel and side buckle. The purse is from Africa and it's handmade.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Marilyn Monroe. 
Her beauty is timeless 

Givenchy in a public restroom with chic.

Mix and match of pastels for spring.  Smart and playful way of matching your shoes with your wardrobe. 

Eclectic she's definitely wearing all the key colors and pieces.

Polkadots with yellow skirt and mint green nail polish goes perfectly! 

What to wear to cochella this weekend?


Are you going to Coachella this weekend?  What are you gonna wear?
I'm going to share some tips that can help you get your coachella on, stay fashionable and comfortable. Here is what you need to wear.

Girls! Wear really comfy shoes -sneakers are definitely best. 
Don't wear crocs or shapeups they are functional but not fashionable. The last time I was there I saw a lot of girls wearing sandals and of course their feet got covered in dirt. So remeber not to wear your fave pair of shoes they are gonna get muddy. 
The same goes with your outfit. Don’t wear anything you mind getting really sweaty or spilled on.  If you do, chances are you won’t be wearing them again.

Indio CA  gets really hot so load up on the sunscreen, no less than SPF 30 so you won't get tragically burn. I would also wear a hat or sunglasses, because the sun is really strong until about 7:30pm.  A sheet is definitely a good thing to bring, and it’s easy to fit in your backpack.


Long Fringe Cardigan


They look the best plus they have the big 
inside long pockets that we like 


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