This week in Vintage.

Don't speak video dress.

I miss twisting my rubber bracelets :( Nostalgic! When this video came out I was in middle school. Early 90's No Doubt music video.

I found this dress at a vintage store that I use to go and it was love at first sight. This classic retro dress is made of  tiny polka dot fabric, an A-skirt flare out in the bottom hem and elastic waist band. Knee length blue dresses with patterns like this always remind me of Gwen Stefani in the Don't speak video. I am a major polka dot fan, so of course I love this dress. It's a simple cut shape and print with the fun addition of the buttons along the neckline. This classic retro dress is made of cotton fabric. Gwen Stefani is the inspiration for this dress... I think I'm having second thoughts about selling it. :)

Chic Polka Dot Dress print.

This is one of my favorite dresses.  A vintage inspired polka dot dress, slim cut with feminine drape neck and spaghetti-straps. Styled in fine midnight blue silk. I get lots of compliments from people and they always comment on how good I look and of course they want to know where I bought it. 
This dress is extremely figure flattering, the way it's cut creates a tall slender silhouette. It's elegant and trendy alike and I feel great in it. The material is just pleasant. Double layered with opaque underneath. I wear it with a pair of vintage dark blue shoes. I will be selling this dress at a vintage sale this Saturday.

Style Stems from 1940 -1970.

Taupe gold, black and beige wool skirt wide pleated mid length school girl full cut.
This is how I wore it


         Vintage purple blouse. 

I'm going to be selling this blouse this Saturday at the vintage sale that I'm having. It's in good condition and the size is a small and this is how I wore it.  

50's pencil skirt and vintage dark blue shoes.


I'm wearing a cotton leopard print dress and it's perfect for spring. The slim fitting dress has a pleated waist-seam. I'm also wearing 5-inch black rope-covered wedge heel and side buckle. The purse is from Africa and it's handmade.

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