Friday, February 28, 2014

G.I. Jane

I absolutely love military inspired looks because you can dress them up or down. 
They never get old, I can't get over it, the trend is one that appears to be the most permanent.  Part of the reason for it's success is because it's so easily accessible.  This look can be worn in many styles, from strong structured coats and camouflage prints to combat boots, aviators and hats. 

There are things to keep in mind when you're working the trend.  For instance, there are various ways to wear this trend without letting it wear you.  Also, be sure to keep your silhouette feminine in streamlined shapes. 

Wear camouflage with caution.  The print can easily become overwhelming and look cartoonish. Instead, wear one piece and keep the rest of your look casual and neutral.  I salute the military-inspired fashion :) and all the fantastic pieces that bring edge to any look. 

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