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It's beginning to feel a lot like Summer!

The weather in Los Angeles has been unusually hot for Spring. Daytime highs have reached into the 90's and even in the 100's in some places.
This weather is making me feel deflated. When its hot like that, its easy to get heat exhaustion.
During this type weather I try to wear loose, light weighted, light colored clothing and sunscreen.

I've been protecting my skin from the sun by putting susncreen before heading outside. 

Currently, my favorite sun glasses are sunnies. No particular brand I just love the colors, I bought a pair in DTLA for $5.

 Heavy wear or dark-colored clothing can really exhaust you and increase your chances of dehydration.

Wearing bikini top and jumpsuit shorts that I made myself.
Platform Shoes from

Lately I've been protecting my skin from the sun's rays using coconut oil for sunscreen over toxic sunscreens, for prolonged sun exposure try this homemade sunscreen recipe ( I'm really starting to like coconut oil for all it's health benefits.

I also try to wear sunglasses and hats when I am outside.

Overall protecting ourselves from the sun's rays this summer is the key!  Stay Cool.

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