Bada Bing Bada Boom!

Lately I been shooting and styling fashion. I'm really grateful and I love working with great talented people. This year I want to keep growing and my blog it's definitely in my priorities.

T- shirt by @emdemapparel follow them on instagram.

Love the cut outs and tie dye colors.

I got lucky with these shots! Thank you

These Studed Shoes are amazing!! makes feel like a rockstar.

 I finally got a  new phone and this phone case it's perfect!!  :) I been drooling over.


Overall I like wearing my jean shorts with my vans or heels... It's Sexy! 

My Goals for the New Year;
-Wear more black
-Put up with less shit.
- Blogging consistency. 

Special thanks goes to my sister Denise for the cute lollipop illustrations. 

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