Sun- Kissed

Style should be true to you and only to you. I like finding bits that make me feel something. I lately don't seek unnecessary pleasures thereby reducing my need to spend money on things that once filled thee void I was trying to fix, the road I was trying to make. The intellect of quality over quantity rings true as worth pursuit. I require to relax more breath more. Beneath are a few pictures to serve as a reminder to take a few moments each day and just breath, unwind relax and enjoy the sun. Here's to the journey and trusting that our intuitive our true selves know the path, if only we can just trust it.


Use up the gentle golden rays softly penetrating your entire aura illumined by the soft waves of sunlight. Visualize the warmth of the sun enveloping you lovingly.

Peacefully move up through the rays of the sun and rise to a stage of awareness suitable for going about your daily activities. 

& to regain my strength.

The potent energy is there for you, to nurture you, and that nutritive energy is available at your request every moment of your life.

Cheers to good vibes and that feel-good energy.

Photography by IG @artdisole 

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