Good- bye 2015! Hello 2016!

Good- bye 2015! My wardrobe choices were mainly a combination of a leather jacket and ripped jeans.  This was chiefly what I kept eyeing for. It's a bit rocky, but still feminine it all depends how you prefer to accessorize the entire feel. I just felt that I couldn't go wrong with it and if it were up to me, I'll be wearing denim and my leather jacket all day every day. The maddest thing is that I'd have been wearing this look since High School and that was more than a decade ago. lol
Well let's find out what the new year will bring, I hope I can make more with color.

Shot by@artdisole

Shot by@artdisole
Shot by@artdisole

I also went blonde and played with punky hair colors. 


Lets take a look of some other looks.

 Shot by@reighrome

 Shot by@mgarsteck

                Also a lot  of different hats and accessories.
Shot by@mgarsteck

shot @almostcool_

 Happy New Year! Lets go crazy .. Prince

New Years resolution stay simple and stylish. Cheers!

Special thanks to all my photographers. Photo Credits

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