Artshow & Some Fashion!

I've been always a fan of navy and class stripes. Subsequently all, navy is a neutral and stripes are a print that is ideal for casual wear, but formal wear in the spring and summer, complement.

When spring starts to show its warmth and the lasting dare to expose the beauty we’ve patiently waited to see after a long winter, my attention turns to many things, but my wardrobe always gets my attention as well. How can I shape things up? What more do I need? How has my style developed?

Arriving to this art show made realize how Art produces ugly things which  frequently becomes more beautiful with in time. Fashion in the other hand, produces beautiful things which within time will turn ugly! 
Art is something to be so tragic and beautiful… and distorted, yet majestic, even the way I observe, analyzed, and appreciate art is emotional for me. 

Wearing Zara Blazer.

Old Navy Shirt.

Art District Art show. #DTLA

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