Remembering the 90's Grunge.

Lately, I’ve been having severe nostalgic 90's flashbacks and have been really looking into florals, lace, denim plus big boots. Items which have always been part of my wardrobe. 1990's grunge fashion was messy and sloppy in comparison to the 80's, when everything was fitted. 
By the 1990's fitted was out and sloppy loose ripped dirty jeans were in. Women wore a lot of plaid and flannel. Shoes were thick and chunky. People were wearing Doc Martens, work boots or funky sneakers. Shirts were meant to be big and baggy, denim or plaid and the lumberjack look was in.
The grunge look was prominent in the 1990s. This was highly influenced by the grunge music. Teens loved to sport long hair and wore sneakers in a splash of colors.

For Grungy women's fashion, they wore baggy shirts with short tops or with baggy jeans riding low on the hips belted at the waist. Jeans were torn Dirty blue or indigo. 90's grunge easily fits into my style and I’ve been looking for some pieces in second hand stores that can be revive. Here’s a few of my favorite finds and my 90's grunge inspiration.

Here I'm Sporting my WILL Roadhouse Extra wide leather cuff goes perfectly with outfit.:)

90's grunge

Joseph plaid top
$245 -

Rock tee
$28 -

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