"Sundresses" ☼ High on Summertime. ☼

In the summer you can mix sundresses with wedges,  sandals,hats and you are prepared for a barbecue or a day at the park.

I personally think that dresses rules; nothing says “woman” like a dress. They are perfect for every occasion and they are the simplest thing to wear. Since a dress is single piece of clothing you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching, unlike pants and blouses.

Polka dots dresses, I fancy them in every color, they are all uniquely special, all so pretty!
You can never have enough of them! I especially like this coffee bronze color on white dots.

My hairdo and make up is inspired by Lana Del Rey, her voluminous 60’s inspired bouffant paired with cat eyes is just the type of thing I’m hooked on.

I love the classic appearance and impression of fedoras and vintage clothing!
Also during the summer is perfect armor against the sun.  This classic fedora can do just that!  I think every dress should have a hat go with it.

Beauties have fun with dresses, beautify them. Play and experiment with accessories, try new hair do’s and most important, have fun! Especially in the summer, cause isn’t that what summer is all about.

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