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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cocktails Tonight

Getting ready for a night out normally takes me about an 2 hours or so.  On a lucky day maybe 40 minutes to get ready and dolled up for a night out.  The preparation almost becomes part of the night itself. 

I actually love getting ready for a night out  because it adds anticipation to the experience.  I literally spend about an hour trying on various clothes and shoes.  Overall for me, and I'm sure for most girls, a night on the town is so much more than going out and coming home at 2am.  It's about the process of getting ready and putting on the Glams.

My favorite outfit to wear on a nightout is a black dress because it's the easiest and flattering of all colors.  Black is the most simple yet sophisticated and impactful. 

Never underestimate the power of the little black dress...

"Black is the most slimming of all colours. It is the most flattering. You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You can wear it for almost any occasion. I could write a book about black.”
Christian Dior

I'm loving this roof view, at night you can see all the lights all around DTLA and it’s really nice.

                                              Happy New Year Everyone!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"The Versatility of a Little Black Dress"

  1. When the occasion calls for something with a little more "Tada" a cocktail dress can be dressed up for an event.  A little bling and a whole lotta of fun attitude will get you far in your favorite cocktail dress.

    I think this little black dress is very versatile, it can transition from a day dress to night dress which makes things simpler.  Swap necklaces and earrings or slip on a different pair of shoes and you will have different looks.

    When it comes to adding earrings, there's so much flexibility.  Play around with drop earrings or hoop earrings, whatever style you choose, earrings help to lighten and put emphasis on your face.  Necklaces are a quick way to alter the look of a simple black dress. You can go in many different directions, depending on your jewelry selections. Overall necklaces are one of the most ladylike accessories.  Amongst the basics, every girl should have long gold chains for layering.  You can turn a regular piece of clothing into a stunning outfit.

    Watches are also quite fashion statement. Strap an elegant gold watch for a dress up evening out. I love this leopard print watch from Guess.

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