Ailihen M10" Earphones We love music too.

Is it truly the best headphones for the price?

I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to dropping money on earphones that I can rely on. They go to possess the strength and durability to survive for a long time.  These M10 is a great set to own
These are the things that make it easy to recommend.
The audio performance has a powerful sound. They make a crisp, clear sound with a perfect bass.
These are certainly are up to the job. They're constructed well and  easy to operate with one customized button and the transmission line comes with a fabric trim, to protect the cable from tear and wear.
Featured specs that will clear you appreciate this model

  1. Inline remote with a built in microphone and button.
  2. Jack answered and close button
  3. You can answer incoming calls and phone calls.
  4. Play, pause or skip media.
  5. The only thing I wish it was added is a built volume button as well.

It comes with an in  box set outer packing box perfectly box together.
The box includes a label holder to identify contents:
Shirt clip
Ear tips 3 pairs
User manual
Warranty card 1
Earphone case 1

I received these for about a week and I'm happy with the this pair.

Plus, I got a 20% off my next headphone order. Check them out here

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